Deadline for Ordering - the 10th of each month (ships the last week of the month)

3 Boxes to Choose From: Original Holiday (Novelty Gift) Box, the Bizarre Bibliotheca (Book) Box, or the Bizarre Chic Boutique (Women's Jewelry and Fashion Accessories) Box

Check out the National Holiday that WE CREATED - National Mason Jar Day (Nov 30) on our blog ! Happy Unboxing!

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The Unboxing the Bizarre box is fun for all ages!* Select from the Original Standard Holiday Box or the Bizarre Bibilotheca Box. *Note not recommended for small children due to choking hazards and the Bibliothea Box is recommended for 16+.

For every 500 new subscribers to Unboxing the Bizarre we'll donate $500 to a charity of the month - the causes will be chosen in the spirit of Unboxing the Bizarre and will be an organization based on one of the Holidays of that month! (ex - May: Endangered Species Day - Charity: WWF) So subscribe for you or a friend, spread the word, and have fun while helping a cause!

Unboxing the Bizarre™ Original Standard Holiday Box

$39.95 - $401.40

The Original Standard Holiday Box includes at least 4 items based on 4 different weird, wacky, and offbeat holidays for the upcoming month.
Unboxing the Bizarre™ Bibliotheca Holiday Box

$24.95 - $263.47

The Bizarre Bibliotheca Holiday Box includes a themed book and goodies based on an offbeat holiday for the upcoming month. (16+)
Unboxing the Bizarre™ Chic Boutique Holiday Box

$24.95 - $263.47

The Bizarre Chic Boutique Box includes Jewelry and Fashion Accessories based on weird, wacky and offbeat holidays for the upcoming month

All boxes come with information cards that include some brief trivia about the holiday and some interesting suggestions on ways you can celebrate in all of the wackiness.

Please note - FL State Sales Tax will be added for FL Residents

*note – not recommended for small children as items could pose a choking risk.

Shopping for someone else?

Do you have a fun loving friend, coworker, boss, or family member that you never know exactly what to get for them? Unboxing the Bizarre™ boxes will delight anyone on your gift list. And who knows, they might just invite you over to share in the Fun!