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Party All Night Box Theme: National Princess Day. Check out this new addition to the Unboxing collection! Click here for the Press Release

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What's Inside?

Unboxing the Bizarre™ boxes are fun for all ages!

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Unboxing the Bizarre™ Boxes

The Unboxing the Bizarre ™ box is fun for all ages! *

The Original Standard Box includes at least 4 items (1 x 4 holidays) based on 4 different weird, wacky, and offbeat holidays for the upcoming month along with an information card that includes some brief trivia about the holiday and some interesting suggestions on ways you can celebrate in all of the wackiness.

The Standard Box is filled with over $60 (MSRP) of wacky, wild, and downright fun items every month. Examples of items can include: toys, blankets, CDs, DVDs, games, posters, collectibles, snacks, t-shirts, etc.

The Party All Night Box will come full of items to decorate a room and celebrate the day. The informational insert will have trivia about the day as well as suggestions for food, fun, and games. Other add-ons such as plates, cups, napkins, pinatas, photo stand-ups, etc are available in the One Time Shop .

*note – not recommended for small children as items could pose a choking risk


Makes the perfect gift

Do you have a fun loving friend, coworker, boss, or family member that you never know exactly what to get for them? Unboxing the Bizarre™ boxes will delight anyone on your gift list. And who knows, they might just invite you over to share in the Fun!


Need more reasons to sign up?

1. Who doesn’t love to have a reason to invite friends over and have a party?
2. We all love surprises!
3. For every 500 new subscribers we'll donate $500 to a charity of the month - the causes will be chosen in the spirit of Unboxing the Bizarre ™ and will be an organization based on one of the Holidays of that month! (ex - May: Endangered Species Day - Charity: WWF)