Deadline for Ordering - the 12th of each month (ships the last week of the month)
7 Boxes to Choose From: Original Holiday (Novelty Gift) Box, Bizarre Bibliotheca (Book) Box, Bizarre Chic Boutique (Women's Jewelry and Fashion Accessories) Box, the Peculiar Pet Box, the Freaky Footcoverings Box (Socks/Slippers), the Nutty Neckware (Tie Lover's) Box, and the Totally Awesome Tees Box!
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Choose Unisex or Womens

If you would prefer books themed more around women's characters please choose the Women's Box. If you like a mix of characters and tend to lean towards books that aren't cozies, or romance, you will want to choose the Unisex Box.


Includes a book and a minimum of 2 themed items each month. The books could be any genre including fiction and non fiction. Action/Adventure, SciFi, Suspense, Mysteries, Crime, Biographies, Historical Fiction. Main characters will be a mix of men and women.

$39.95 - $455.43


Includes a book and a minimum of 2 themed items each month. The books will lean towards more of women's themes or characters such as cozy mysteries, romance novels, and historical fiction with mainly female characters.

$39.95 - $455.43

Shopping for someone else?

Do you have a fun loving friend, coworker, boss, or family member that you never know exactly what to get for them? Unboxing the Bizarreā„¢ boxes will delight anyone on your gift list. And who knows, they might just invite you over to share in the Fun!